Woodley Park, 6350 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys CA 91406

Race start times: half - 8:am,   10k - 8:15,   5k- 8:30 

This is  a rain or shine event

Complete this many Elite Sports CA events this year
Your rewards are... 
2  Events ( same Distance) Half, 5k or 10k
Custom  Club tech shirt
4  Events ( same Distance) Half, 5k or 10k
Runner's hat, ditty bag and water bottle
6  Events ( same Distance) Half, 5k or 10k
Large gear bag with series logo
7 Events  ( same Distance) Half, 5k or 10k
Season finale medal  at Holly Jolly Half 

Endurance Challenge Rewards:

Elite Sports Endurance Challenge / Half marathon club, 5k club, 10k club
The Elite Sports Endurance Challenge is our way of rewarding our return  and repeat athletes that complete more and more of our events throughout the year.  You decide what series of races you want to aim for,  5k, 10k, or half marathon club.  The more ESCA events you complete the more rewards you get.   See all the details below.

How do we redeem our rewards?
We have a master finisher list and we will keep track of how many events you finish with us. When you qualify for each reward level we will hand you your goodies at the next race you attend.  

We will have goodies on hand at each race for athletes that qualify for the next level on race day.  Those goodies will be handed out at the end of the event, so stick around, enjoy the party and grab your goodies.... you earned it! 

#1 Question:  

Do the running races we have already done this year with ESCA count towards this program? 
YES:  Its an annual thing so if you have done any  of our races in the current calendar year  you qualify

Cottontail Half marathon 5k 10k

March 26,2017

Jan -Camarillo marathon, half &5k - www.CamarilloMarathon.com

Feb -Seaside half marathon 5k 10k - www.SeasideHalf.com

April -Ojai Half marathon  5k 10k -  www.OjaiHalfMarathon.com

May - Lake Balboa Half marathon 5k 10k - www.LakeBalboaHalf.com

June - Father’s day 5k 10k - www.FathersDay5k10k.com

July - Shoreline Half marathon 5k 10k - www.ShorelineHalf.com

August - Arroyo Creek Half marathon 5k 10k - www.ArroyoCreekHalf.com

September -Harvest Half marathon 5k 10k -  www.HarvestHalf.com

October - Foster Park Half Marathon 5k 10k - www.FosterParkHalf.com

November - Surfers Point Marathon, half 5k 10k  www.SurfersPointMarathon.com

November – Thanksgiving Day 5k  - www.ThanksgivingDay5k.com

December - Holly Jolly Half marathon 5k 10k  - www.HollyJollyHalf.com 

Total = 2 full marathons, 10 half marathons, 12-5ks , 11- 10ks